Personal Training/Weight Loss


Many patients can benefit greatly from working with our personal trainers, in addition to their chiropractic care. Following an injury, patients are often hesitant to become physically active because they fear re-injury. Dr. Tarcha and her team of personal trainers help patients safely rebuild strength and restore flexibility to the body.

Common Conditions

Back surgery can be avoided in many cases when a patient has been diagnosed with a mild, and even a moderate herniated disc. With specific, gentle chiropractic adjustments along with exercises to strengthen the core, many patients are able to return to living a normal life.

Chronic shoulder pain or “frozen shoulder” can be avoided after a shoulder injury, when the proper exercise plan is implemented.

Neck and upper back pain from sitting at the computer too long, or looking down at your smart phone can be eliminated. Dr. Tarcha adjusts the areas of the spine that are misaligned, and then shows you how to strengthen your neck, shoulder and upper back muscles.

Knee surgery can be avoided in many cases after an injury, with proper strengthening exercises. After an injury, it’s common for arthritic changes to develop in the joints. When arthritis becomes severe, knee replacement or hip replacement can sometimes be the only option. Staying fit, agile, and strong working with our team can help you avoid surgery.

Osteoporosis can be prevented with regular weight bearing exercises and proper nutrition.

Personal Training for Weight Loss


We can help you lose weight in a safe, comfortable, and effective way. Dr. Tarcha and her team of personal trainers will assist you in choosing a more healthy diet, and customize a plan of cardio exercises, pilates, and weights.

Your PPO or ILWU insurance will cover the cost in most cases. Please call our office for more information. (310) 318-9543